Friday, August 12, 2016

Here we are again...the beginning of a new school year.

We've migrated yet again...back to California. (when it comes time to study migrant kids will have some insight).

We've settled in with Nana for now...we need her and she needs us, so it works out. We've signed up for a home school charter, but we've not yet been assigned a teacher. I've gotten together what I plan to use for the firt three weeks...then we will go from there. I'm sure some things will change.

We are using "Moving Beyond the Page" this year for our main program. I bought a few units at the end of last year and really enjoyed how well put together they are, so I'm diving in with both feet. (and three boys)

Boy #1 and # 2 will be doing the following:

Handwriting without Tears (scored two books at the YS odd find but I'm not complaining.)

Grammar Workshop
(grammar is included integrated into MBTP, but since the boys scored so low in Grammar on the CAT last year...we are doing a bit extra this year.)

Saxon 5/4...yes...if you are a long time reader...we've circled back to Saxon. Teaching Textbooks was not working for us. And Beast Academy is going to be our Friday was overwhelming Boy #2 a bit.

Moving Beyond the Page (spelling is included in MBTP)

ELA: Poetry Unit

History/Geography: The 50 States

Art is going to be a mesh of things this year. I'm starting off with:

Draw the States

and I'll figure out what's next at some date in the future.

Child #3 begin his "formal" yet informal Kindergarten year this year.

So All About Reading for Him and StarFall.

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