Monday, August 15, 2016

Saxon 5/4 Lesson #1 and 2 Review of Addition, Addition Stories, and Missing Addends

The first 15 lessons (or so) of each level of Saxon are designed to be a review. (most textbooks are set up like this...they believe the child is suffering from Summer Brain Rot.) So it's quite likely this lesson will go quickly.

Each lesson is made up of a facts practice sheet (we won't be doing this timed), a warm-up, a new concept, lesson practice, and mixed practice. (made up of concepts of all the previous units)

For this lesson, the new concept is more of a review most 4th/5th grades can add. (but they may not be all that familiar with the academic language, so that's some good practice.)

For each lesson, my goal is to find YouTube videos to support the lesson, a game, and an interactive notebook item.


Identity Property


A quick little free game from "Shepard Software", we will run through this a few times on the big screen...making sure to use the academic language. (addends, sum, number sentence, communitive property of addition, and identity property)

Interactive Notebook Printable

(these will go into a composition book for reference...I will allow them to use these notebooks on the tests.)

I love these foldables...and they are free...I like makes me smile. The "properties" of math are important so I'm glad they will go right up front.

Lesson #2 is a continuation of Lesson we won't need new resources for that.

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